5 New Year’s Hair Resolution You Need To Start Now

There is no better day than the first day of the year to take stock of your routines and set objectives for the ones that need some improvement. Making new year’s resolution is a terrific way to start the year off well and gives you the chance to establish new routines that will put you on a path to good health and productivity. these adjustments may be made to your weekly health routine, such as how frequently you work out and how much water you drink, or they could be made to your self-care routines, such as how you take care of your skin and hair.
In order to make 2023 your finest hair year yet, we’re going to discuss all the New Year’s resolution we believe you should think about making. many of these routines are actually extremely easy to follow and will give you healthier, shinier hair quite soon. New hair for the new year? Yes, in our opinion!

Here are five of our most doable New Year’s resolutions for your hair in 2023.

Change your Hairstyle
Why not switch up your haircut to reflect your new outlook if you are someone who celebrates the new year with the mindset of ‘new year, new you’? In our perspective, the start of a new year is the ideal moment of experiment with your hair. There are so many possibilities; you may shorten your hair by a few inches, add bangs or even try a new color.

Switch to Virgin Hair Products
Do you know that there are natural ingredients in all virgin hair products? If not, there’s no better time to rethink than the new year and opt for virgin hair products with natural ingredients. Virgin Anti Dandruff Shampoo, Virgin Anti Dandruff Conditioner, Virgin Hair Darkening Cream, Virgin Hair Food, Virgin Hair Fertilizer are all highly beneficial for the hair and all are available on our website (www.vbproducts.ng/shop).

Deep Condition your Hair on Weekly Basis
Honestly, you should always deep condition your hair, regardless of the time of the year. Dryness is avoided since it might cause brittleness and damage. We recommend Virgin Anti Dandruff Conditioner which fights dandruff, maintains hair’s natural shine, makes the hair smooth and soft and prevent hair damage.

Stay Hydrated and Prioritize Moisturizing your Hair
If you drink water well, it’s going to show up in your hair. That’s why it’s so important to consume as much as possible and this should be one of your new year resolution.

Accept your Hair
Last but not least, a crucial resolution you should make for yourself and your hair this new year is to embrace it the way it is! We continually criticize our appearance, including our hair, in a variety of ways, therefore one of our key resolutions for you this year is to recognize the advantages of the hair you were given. Every hairstyle is lovely in its own unique way, especially when we learn to embrace and accept it ourselves, whether it’s the color you love or your natural curls. More crucial than any product is your level of self-assurance and acceptance of your hair.

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